Slots to Make You Laugh

Slot machines are some of the most popular games in any online casino. Nowadays there are many different themes and flavours to choose from. There is usually something to suit everyone, from classic fruit slots to dramatic adventurous slots. Don’t get lost in the online world trying to find the slots you want to play and the casinos you want to play them on. For more information on slots and the best casinos to play them on, click here. It’s not easy to say which slots are the best, but if laughter is the best medicine then look no further than these recommendations for funny slots. We’ve also included some classics to get you in the mood for all things slot related: Simpson Slot: This slot machine is available in most online casinos and was designed by software providers according to the popular Simpson carton. It has amazing graphics, a cool theme, beautiful music and it is easy to play. Zuma was designed in by Jason Kapalka and was released in 2003. Since then, it has become a popular slot game both online and offline. It has really cool graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, and lots of bonuses which makes it a very interesting game. It is easy to play and will surely make you laugh while you play it. Alice in Wonderland was designed based on the movie of the same name. It has an engaging UI and some of its icons include Alice, the rabbit, the twins, the cat and other characters in the movie. Fruit Slots: is a fruit theme slot machine. It is easy to play, funny, has beautiful graphics which consist of a collection of tropical fruits. Nice music, great freebies and it’s available in most online casinos. Reel Slot Machines: this is a classic slot. It was first designed in 1899 and has remained popular until this day. It is a very simple and easy to play slot game, hence its popularity. And it is also the foundation of most modern slot games. Slot reels are made up of a series of symbols and when these symbols match on the reels, a player wins. Gladiator Slot: is a gladiator themed slot game which is found in many online casinos. It is sure to crack your ribs with its graphics, sound and various intriguing modes.

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