Poker Face: Be Unpredictable

Poker is one of the oldest and best group games to ever exist. The competition in any particular game, will give you chills and thrills like no other. That is why people get addicted to a game of poker. The basic principle for all the poker games is to always outwit your opponents. Most of the time it’s not luck which helps a player win, but how well you can predict your opponent’s hand and their next move. What better way to make this prediction, but to read their faces? Facial expression and eye movements can help you guess their moves, or sell you out. The experts say the check raise is a move worth checking out, with this form of bluff the intention is to make your opponent have a false sense of winning. The method might be a little cheeky, but it certainly has the desired effect and could help you start winning big. There are several ways in which a player can remain rock steady, deceiving the opponent and preventing them from reading their mind. This is the poker face and it is very important. First you need to know your opponent and their strengths, and then you need to maintain the right position. Do not make any facial expressions during the game like smiling, frowning or giggling. You must also strive to maintain the same body posture and movement throughout the game. It is very difficult for your opponent to predict your cards or moves if you keep the same body language as these are the specific signs they are looking for. Always keep your opponents guessing by the stakes you place in a game. You can choose to be consistent in your bets to throw them off even though you are all about the money. Maintaining the poker face is one of the best ways to outwit your opponents.

Mr. Nathen Wiza IV