Considerations before Moving To Malta

Great weather, a great lifestyle, the sea and the casinos; Malta sounds like a Mediterranean paradise, and it is, however, even paradise has a cost and a downside to it. Many gamblers have Malta on their bucket list, and many gaming firms want to have that Malta Gaming license. It all makes sense but there is a need for awareness on what Malta really is like.


Think about it; a tropical paradise in the Mediterranean, less than a two-hour flight from the main parts of Europe. You want to be there. Everyone wants to be there. And that is a big problem because it creates stiff demand for accommodation and food, which then means that costs are driven up considering that Malta is geographically constrained. If you really want to move to Malta be prepared to pay high prices for things. Plus you need to consider residence permits and perhaps applying for citizenship; these things take time and can be an expensive process so it’s a good idea to get some professional advice.


If you want to move your business to Malta then you have to at least consider having a backup infrastructure in another country. Malta was not designed for huge server centres. Every inch of the place is being exploited for tourism, and servers take far too much land. The electricity in Malta sometimes can be shaky. If you don’t want to have your servers down and lose income, then you are best-advised to house your servers or backup servers in another country.


80% of the people in Malta speak English and along with Maltese, it is the official language. However, the Maltese are a people proud of who they are, and they will never accept you as one of their own unless you can speak Maltese. Maltese is notoriously hard to learn, as it is a mixture of Italian and Arabic. You will never be truly at home until you learn the language.That said, Malta still remains a great destination for gambling businesses and players.

Mr. Nathen Wiza IV